Product Testing for Startups by UX Experts

Instead of spending money on user testing that only details problems, we provide UX evaluations that prioritize action items and recommendations to rapidly improve your product. Prices start at only $500.

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Product testing should be personal

Business requires direct and clear communication. Anything else is child’s play.

kick off call

15 min kickoff call to learn about your business and product

We’ll spend at least 15 minutes on the phone to learn about your business goals, challenges, and areas of focus.

Evaluation and Recommendations from one of our UX Experts

One of our UX Experts will record the evaluation of your product, capturing feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Shareable recording of the product evaluation

We’ll provide a link to the recording of the evaluation so that you can share and review the insights with your team.

Benefit 1

Save Money & Time

Development Cost
Based on our 20+ years of combined product experience, our insights can help you save time and money which would typically be spent on avoidable development rework.

On a budget?
You may not have the resources to hire a designer, yet. With this affordable product evaluation, you’ll receive clear suggestions for product improvements.

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Benefit 2

Make More Money

Retain & Convert
88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. By improving the experience of your product, you are more likely to delight, retain, and convert your users.

Recommendations from Experts
Instead of spending money on online tests with general users that only point out problems, you’ll receive action items and recommendations by UX designers who have an understanding of best practices with 20+ years of product experience. Recommendations from UX designers will help you focus your time on impactful improvements.

Benefit 3

Personalized Service

Direct Communication
Talk to us directly so we can learn about your business goals, target demographic, and product challenges.

Focus Where It Matters
Tell us the flow or part of your product where you’re facing the biggest challenge, and that’s where we will focus our evaluation efforts.

Target Illustration

Do you have any of these startup problems?

We have years of experiences helping startups with the problems below.

Unsure Person Icon

Lack of Guidance

"I have done user testing but I am not sure how to implement changes based on feedback."

Decline Bar Graph

Declining Sales

"I need help improving user engagement, retention, and conversion."

Wallet Icon

Wasted Resources

"I have spent a lot of money on development but I am not seeing the results I had hoped."

User Complaints

"I am receiving poor ratings and reviews from users."

Jill and Elize

You'll love working with us!

We’re a team of UX Designers located in “Silicon Beach” who are passionate about improving products. We’d love to learn more about your startup and how we can help you.

  • We've worked with hundreds of startups and would love to put that expertise to work for you.
  • Besides product evaluations, we also educate and provide consultation to startups.
  • We're a bunch of Indian food powered, design thinking, movie-loving individuals who are extremely easy to work with and talk to.
If you need help taking your business to the next level, Jill's your gal. She's super clear and insightful and gives practical actionable tips. She doesn't complicate the process and she's a really good listener. She's also a super cool person! I highly recommend Jill if you need help; redesigning your website, improving your social media presence or mapping out a plan for world domination!
Stephanie Z.
Designer / Founder, City of Z Design
Everything about this engagement from the start has been great and exceeded our expectations. You have a very talented and enjoyable team and the interaction between our teams has been great and we are very pleased.
Founder, FitStation
We really love the opportunity to come hang out and learn what everyone has to say about our product, where we're at, and so on. Glad to hear that we're naturals!
Co-Founder, Boomer Returns

Pro Product Testing for Only $500 includes:

  • 15 minutes kickoff call with our UX team
  • Product evaluation by one of our UX experts
  • Video containing feedback and actionable recommendations
  • 2-3 business days turnaround time from kickoff call

Here are other services we provide:

     UX Consultation     |     UX Design for Websites, Apps and Prototypes     |     UX Designer Placement     |     Education/Workshops     |     Mentorship

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