Meet Jill DaSilva of Digital Karma in Playa Del Rey

Feb 27, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jill DaSilva.
Jill, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today…

Adobe XD Pro Tip
with Jill Dasilva

Feb 27, 2019

Adobe XD makes opening Illustrator and Photoshop files easy and helps streamline design workflow  . . . 

Adobe MAX 2018:
Key Announcements and What We Learned about the Future of UX/UI Design

Nov 06, 2018

“There are so many reasons why prototyping for voice is important in the world of UX design,” enthused Jill DaSilva, head of UX Strategy and CEO of design agency Digital Karma . . . 

How to Start a Career in UX Design

Mar 21, 2016

In the field of UX, wisdom of experience is key. The best way to gain experience is by doing. The best way to get hired is to build a portfolio of work . . . 

To Swipe or Insert? That is the Question.
Confusing Point of Sale Terminals

Mar 16, 2016

As the brick and mortar stores and banks in the US transition their POS terminals to accommodate credit cards with chips, I’ve witnessed a lot of confusion and frustration from patrons and staff alike . . .

How to Hire a UX Designer

Feb 25, 2016

Due to the overwhelming positive response I received from readers regarding my last post, I have decided to write a follow-up post and give more insight . . .

Hiring a Junior vs. Senior User Experience Designer

Feb 14, 2016

As I prepare for the end of my two-year-plus run of teaching the founding LA UXDI course at General Assembly (GA), I feel it’s time for me to finally post my opinion regarding the differences between a Junior and a Senior UX Designer.. . .

50 LA tech CEOs, founders, executives, hackers, & investors you must follow on Twitter

Jan 22, 2015

Step One: Login to Twitter
Step Two: Start Clicking Follow . . .

5 UX best practices that will make you think harder about design

Jun 25, 2014

In LA, UX design is a huge component of General Assembly’s curriculum. General Assembly UX instructor Jill DaSilva shared some of the best practices she drills into her students in General Assembly’s immersive project-based UX course.

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