Educate + Mentor

Private Workshops

On location and remote

Are you an executive with curiosity about UX and how it can improve your bottom line?  Boost the skills of corporate teams via custom UX training sessions with hands-on learning. For more information, reach out here and we'll create a custom workshop just for you and your team.

Public Events

Panels and Keynotes

Always so much to speak about! CEO, Jill DaSilva, has been a featured speaker and panelist for events like SXSW, Expose UX, Silicon Beach Diversity, TypeEd, NewCo, local colleges, and global organizations. As for topics, they're endless when it comes to discussion about common and new tenets, challenges, and trends in the field of UX. Digital Karma also believes strongly in supporting the LA Tech community through meaningful workshops and events. 

Corporate Consulting

Minimum Viable Product

For corporate consulting, we've worked with Siegle+ Gail, NFL, Ticketmaster, PwC, and more! Engagements range from how to hire a UX Designer, advanced UXD Training, team management, effective workflow strategies, fitting UXD into Agile and fundamental, UXD best practices. 


Minimum Viable Product

Are you a UX designer looking for community and mentorship? Digital Karma regularly hosts events such as UX Therapy for UX  designers to meet with others to connect, share, and grow. Jill is also available to mentor up-and-coming UX designers one-on-one. Feel free to use the Contact form to reach out.

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